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Tirril Brewery

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Tirril brewery was originally set up in 1999 at the Queens Head in Tirril. In order to expand in 2001, it moved to the former gothic brewing rooms at Brougham Hall. With demand continuing to increase in 2007 the Queens Head was sold and the New Inn at Brampton purchased and the brewery moved to a converted barn at Long Marton.

500ml Bottles

2 x Ullswater Blonde 3.8%
2 x Dungeon Ghyll Stout 5.0%
2 x Windermere IPA 4.3%
2 x Borrowdale Bitter 4.2%
2 x Grasmere Gold 3.9%
2 x Premium Pilsner - lager 5.0%

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Subject to change due to any unavailability of some beers